Student's Journey

A flexible journey in three steps you optimize as you want:

1 - Get the hard and soft skills on our e-Learning Community based on the Salesforce and Trailhead platforms to:

  • Discover, learn and practice the main techonlogies of the 4th Industrial Revolution like
    • CRM, Digital Marketing, Knowledge Base, Community, Social Media to Connect People...
    • XaaS: Platform, Software, Solution, Mobility as a Service...
    • Internet of Thinks (IoT) and Connected Devices
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big/Smart Data
    • Blockchain
    • Low code apps
    • .../...
  • But also acquire the soft skills required to use the technologies for a sustainable world
    • Agile & Lean for optimal value creation
    • Trust in inclusive diversity, GDPR...
    • Teamwork with empathy and creativity
    • Stakeholders journeys, processes & workflows
    • Sharing and circular economy
    • .../...
  • And be coached by our pro bono professionals from our partners, co-creating, collaborating and interacting with each other in the Community

2 - Apply your skills during an Internship in a nonprofit, education or social organization

  • We promote via our partners
  • You find yourself
  • Even better in your social enterprise own project

3 - Add key references to your CV - the e-learning badges you earned and the hands-on experiences of your internship - and be advised regarding your future career.  

You are free to optimize your Student's Journey as you want but a full year would be an ideal timeline to get your e-learning badges and the hands-on experiences of your internship

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