About Us

Our Vision

Like many others we believe in "Tech for Good", that technology can and must serve a real sustainable world!

All these organizations - click on the logo to know more - have a common point: like more than 40k nonprofit organizations in the world they use the Salesforce technology to achieve their missions and drive impact.

We believe also “Tech for Good” is a paradigm shift expected by the young generations like the "Generation K"  (for Katnis) born 1995-2005 and defined by Noorena Hertz as:

  • Connected online 8 hours/day
  • 76% generous and concerned about climate change and social equality
  • 79% anxious about getting a job
  • Want to co-create and be committed
  • Want to be part of a community that supports them whenever and wherever they need 

And together with the young generations we want to be actors of a better world, fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

But it requires we prepare the young people or the jobseeker for the workforce of tomorrow, educating in area like the hard and soft kills of the 4th Industrial Revolution and promoting internships as paths to career readiness.

As we believe nonprofit, education or social organizations are optimal platforms for training the workforce of the future as they invest in internships or apprenticeships to put talents in action, which in many cases amounts to hands-on experiences difficult to attain even in the best schools or universities.

Our Mission

Students for Good is a social enterprise in educational technology that trains students and jobseekers via 

  • an e-learning community based on the Salesforce and Trailhead platforms, to be coached by pro bono professionals, collaborating and interacting with each other,
  • internship’s opportunities in nonprofit, education or social organizations. 

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